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Greenwood Cemetery Company of New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania is an irreplaceable Treasure of our cultural heritage, but many of the historic and artistic grave markers are endangered as a result of apathy, neglect and vandalism. In the past, the Cemetery has been used as a favorite spot for midnight parties, illegal activities and destructive behavior. 

As recently as 2012 a mausoleum was broken into and the remains of a fourteen-year-old girl, who died in 1871, were dumped onto the floor of the mausoleum. This act of vandalism required cleanup, repair and rededication of this gravesite.


Throughout it's 150 plus year history Greenwood Cemetery has suffered from economic ups and downs. As with most cemeteries, grave markers are private property and owners are accountable for their repair and maintenance. Many families have faithfully overseen the upkeep of their loved one's graves for many years; however, as families have moved away and descendents have passed on, a number of graves have been neglected. An example of lack of descendents applied to the young girl of 1871 as described above. As a result of not being able to locate family it was necessary that the cemetery volunteers clean-up, repair and rededicate the mausoleum.

A great deal of volunteer work has been preformed on damaged headstones but every year additional grave markers are affected by problems associated with age, ground settling, rodent burrowing and vandalism.

Greenwood Cemetery Company is a nonprofit 501(C) Corporation.


Should you wish to donate, your tax deductible contribution will help in preserving this cultural treasure by providing funds to pay for lawn maintenance, fuel, and much needed tools and equipment.

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